About Mahtab Saffron

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Mahtab Saffron Co. a familiar name in Saffron cultivation and craft was established in 2008; certified by Agriculture Department and licensed by AISA office. Currently is active in cultivating, producing, processing, packaging and exporting Saffron in foreign markets. The company actually has over (200.000  meters) of earth cultivated by Saffron; of which the products have already interned the market. Besides cultivation, this company annually buy several kilograms of Saffron from different farmers over Herat districts and villages. In the early past years, the company has provided many services and training programs for different farmers freely.

Our experience: We have reached great achievements during its recent years of activities in terms of producing saffron and creating job opportunities for Afghans who suffer from the economic situation. Since 2008, we have gained sufficient experiences and knowledge in the field of Saffron cultivation and processing. Mahtab Saffron Company has created a business plan through, which can contribute to raising Afghanistan Saffron quality and introducing this royal product in the international markets. This company has consulted different foreign experts who had sufficient knowledge in the field.

Our Goals

Job creation  and  Creating a source of income for the poor people
Since Afghanistan is a third country, due to the low level of knowledge, people are faced with many problems, which can be achieved by increasing the production and export of agricultural products such as saffron.
Identify the position of Afghan saffron in global markets

 saffron of Afghanistan has the highest quality in the world, there are many foreign & domestic customers. It is need to introduce more to the world in order to stabilize its main position in the global market.

Increased exports and national income
Afghanistan is an agricultural country with a suitable soil for cultivating saffron, which the global market has shown more willingness to help export by increasing production and building stronger relationships with the world market.

Visit the MSC  processing center

Visit of Mahtab Saffron  processing Center on May 28, 2019

  • Rajendra Arial (Representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ّّ)
  • Brian Powell ( Responsible for the development of the value chain in the western zone )
  • Nikolai Patterson ( Danish Ambassador )
  • AbdulSaboor Rahmani ( Agriculture officer )