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ISO Certificate

Mahtab Saffron Co. as a pioneer in saffron cultivation in Afghanistan began cultivating in 1998. After a decade of experience in the field of cultivation, it started the whole business chain (from production to export) in 2008. Today with more than two decades of experience in the production of saffron and creating job opportunities for hundreds of people and families and exporting this valuable product out of the country borders, proudly is one of the first companies in the production of hydroponic saffron in Afghanistan. And we can give the ISO certificate award in March 2019.

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We have 240,000 m2 ground that we planting onion fresh flowers of saffron & we prepare for the next step.


In the special process of saffron processing our company has, expert staff and many years of experience in saffron sector with us.


َlong with experts in quality saffron, packaged in a package of two souvenirs, five souvenirs and 500 souvenirs according to the customers' demand.


We export our products to American countries and Arab countries under the supervision of specialized staff along with all necessary tests.

Participate in development programs

Herat Exhibition

The purpose of this case was to strengthen the value chain of agricultural and livestock products in the western part of Afghanistan.

Herat saffron festival

The purpose of this exhibition was to present and introduce saffron and saffron derivatives of Afghanistan, especially Herat, qualitatively to domestic and foreign merchants.

Gul food

This is an exhibition to present the Agricultural products of different countries, which we have the honor to share in this exhibition, which was held in 2018.

Our Greenhouse

The Greenhouse of  Mahtab Saffron  , located in the Enjil  district next to Herat Airport, was established in the fourth month of 1397. The cultivation of saffron bulbs in the greenhouse with new technologies under the supervision of specialists and Labradorean produce high quality saffron and produce higher amounts. Planting capacity of this greenhouse was 5000 kg of saffron onion, which in the first year was 4800 grams of dried higher quality saffron, while the amount of onions in the first year was 2500 grams of dry saffron. It should be noted that from every 95 kilograms of freshly harvested saffron, one kilogram of dry saffron is obtained from arable land, if one kilogram of fresh flower is obtained from a greenhouse, one kilogram of dry saffron is obtained. Because the humidity in the greenhouse is high, the degree of light and the light can be controlled, the saffron obtained has a higher quality. Due to the fact that it is far from the soil and the picking of saffron flower is under the control of its specialists, it has the least pollution.

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Our production

The company actually has over 120 JARIBS (240.000 sqr. meters) of earth cultivated by Saffron; of which the products have already interned the market. Besides cultivation, this company annually buy several kilograms of Saffron from different farmers over Herat districts and villages.

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Annual production per kilogram
Annual production per kilogram
Annual production per kilogram

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Ms. Zhaorui visits the saffron onion and saffron flower processing center, Ms. Zhaorui came from China